Monday, 22 December 2014


"If you're not falling down, you're not trying hard enough."
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Going to France to snowboard is not the most conventional office Christmas party, but it's certainly a great idea... or so the two thirds of the office who had never been on a slope before thought! 

They do say that everyday you learn something new... well here's the five things I learned on my two days on the slopes. 

Lesson 1: Stretching is important - in fact, it was the first thing I did when I reached the peak. Take a look at my mad skills on the top of Avoriaz (see above)! Lesson learned from this one? Have someone on standby to help you back up or you'll continue to bury your head deeper into the snow... not good and definitely not warm!

Lesson 2: Mulled wine to start ... mulled wine to finish. You're going to fall down a lot - luckily we had an ample stash of mulled wine to take the edge off our bruises. Delicious - delicious - delicious!

Lesson 3: Your coccyx (tail bone) is advantageous to your skills! After one particular nasty fall going backwards I realised once my coccyx was severely bruised my snowboarding skills improved significantly. Can you do the maths? Falling = pain! I even managed to get a red run in on my second day - go me!

Lesson 4: Talking about red runs... I advise you stick to slowly and safely side slipping down the whole thing. I managed to lose control and gain speed near the bottom, eventually doing a 360 and back again then falling flat on my face. I proceeded to roll along the whole bottom of the run clocking up a significant number of dirty looks from obviously non-understanding skiers.

Lesson 5: Snowboarding is addictive... maybe even more so than pringles or chocolate or wine. Make sure you have a stash of cash to buy your gear as soon as you get home because boy will you be raring to go as soon as you touch down!

I also think I may have found a new hobby... watch this space!

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