Monday, 16 February 2015

Album Crush: Paloma Faith: A Perfect Contradiction

"Yeah you got that good stuff but that won't last!"

Overview: I've had this album since the day it came out and it hasn't disappointed. Paloma provides a fresh old-school soul approach in a music market filled with pop. That's not to say I don't like pop, I'm a converted Taylor Swift fan (sshhh), but Paloma, with the help of co-producer Pharrell Williams, is here to offer us some real depth and sassy Paloma spunk.

Top track: I've had a good chance to go over this album till I know every track, but for me there is a clear front runner. A track to get a party started... and believe me I know from experience. A certain civilised gathering round the dining table and BAM! This track comes on, seats go flying and the table is suddenly against the wall to make room for dancing...

Other Noteworthy Tracks: 
  • I got trouble with my baby
  • Mouth to mouth 
  • Take me 
  • Only Love can hurt like this 
  • Love only leaves you lonely 
Verdict: I am absolutely and undeniably in love with Paloma. She's cool, quirky and fabulous and I now fantasise daily about jumping on 'Get Me In', and paying over the top prices just to see her live. Reign me in guys, reign me in!

Rating: 9/10

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